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Giant Hamburgers

301 S Wells Ave at Ryland - 775.322.2600
3981 S McCarran Blvd at Longley - 775.828.2441
RESTAURANT HOURS: Mon - Fri 10:30-9PM || Sat 11-9PM || Sun 11-8PM
DELIVERY HOURS: Mon - Sat 11-9PM || Sun 11-8PM

Everything in Every Bite



The mission of Juicy’s Giant Hamburgers is to serve you the juiciest, most delicious
hamburger or cheeseburger you can get anywhere, at a fair and reasonable price.



We Deliver

We serve delicious, mouth-watering, old fashioned hamburgers, cooked to juicy perfection! We also serve chicken sandwiches, BLT's, Grilled Cheese, and vegetable patties.
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Juicy’s Giant Hamburgers opened it’s doors in 1982 in S Lake Tahoe. Home builder Ed Lewis and partner wanted to stay busy during the long winter months. Ed enjoyed a reputation among family and friends for making perfect gourmet burgers so they decided to open a "Burger Joint". Cooked to mouth-watering perfection with lots of fresh veggies and sauce, the "Juicy's Burger" quickly became a favorite of locals and visitors alike. 
Taking the show on the road Juicy’s opened a store in Reno, Nevada, where it again enjoyed the same appreciation from locals and visitors to the "Biggest Little City". Ed's brother John joined him in 2000, and together they strive to keep serving the perfect old fashioned burger. 

There are almost as many different preferences in the world as there are people. What you like is what you like. We find that the majority of our customers absolutely love the way our burgers are put together. The bun isn't too heavy in relation to the fresh beef patty. The generous quantities of lettuce, tomato, and onion are just enough to compliment; we use plenty of sauce that mixes with the meat juices to make for a truly delicious burger. We cook our burgers to medium well as a standard, but you can get it any way you want it, and we customize the garnishes to your preferences if possible.